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Over a year ago, sketches were made on the back of napkins, bold coffees were had, and a student community for women in tech was in the works. From nothing to a welcoming and supportive community who help create a sense of belonging; Corgi has thrived in its first year and I’m proud to have been apart of it!

Why did we Create Corgi?

  • To give Women in Tech (WIT) students the opportunity to connect and create their own support network, to help them through their studies and entry into industry

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Featuring many depth-first searches and free cupcakes

Hey! I’m Lauren — A soon-to-be final year Computer Science student at Queens’ University Belfast, Northern Ireland. I love getting involved in the local tech community, from planning events to knuckling down at hackathons in themes I have absolutely zero experience in. Most of my extra-curricular time at uni has been spent with Queens’ Computing Society (QCS), helping organise events for social and academic purposes. I’ve also been busy recently setting up a new meet-up group! Corgi; designed to bring together the local undergraduate women in tech community.

After completing my placement year at Kainos, I soon realised I had a full Summer of free time ahead of me. To make the most of this; I decided to take part in Google CodeU. …


Lauren Taylor

1st Class Computer Science student @ Queens’ University Belfast. Founder of Corgi — Undergraduate Women in Technology. Associate Software Engineer @ Kainos

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